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Parking and Directions

Parking for the hospital is located in the parking lot south of the hospital, just off Brown Street. Patients and their families can enter the hospital through the Hospital Entrance sliding doors or the Emergency Entrance.

Jackson Medical Building parking has recently been reopened in its former location, on the west side of the building. The updated parking lot and the Cancer Center can be accessed from either Brown Street or Lynn Street.  

Schneck Professional Building parking is available in the new parking garage along Tipton Street. Simply park on the level your doctor's office is located on and walk into the professional building patient reception to check in for your appointment. 

For those with mobility needs, the Courtesy Shuttle will be in operation between 7:30 am and 4 pm, Monday - Friday to assist. Call (812) 523-7447 or look for the phone number on the parking lot light poles. 

map of the hospital campus located at 411 West Tipton Street, Seymour. Includes Schneck Medical Center, Jackson Medical Building, Professional Building, Cancer Center, and parking areas.

Schneck Medical Center is located at 411 West Tipton Street in Seymour.